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Nicolas Le Bault is a French author and visual artist born in 1986, expressing mainly through drawing.
He also produces comics in which often marginalized themes are embodied, such as violence, family neuroses, self-mutilation, anorexia, incest, intimate life and sexuality, ambivalent and toxic relationships between beings… in an atmosphere that is both troubled and childlike, often unpredictable and nightmarish.
Inspired by psychoanalysis and social sciences, as well as all forms of popular culture, he is also an author of texts that mix radical social criticism and aesthetic reflection.
Since the end of 2017, he runs the independent publishing house White Rabbit Prod and the contemporary art and transgression magazine White Rabbit Dream, through which he defends his vision of art as an aesthetic response to the malaise in civilization.
Books :

The Lost Dimension #2,
graphic novel - 28 pages - White Rabbit Prod, 2023.
Transhumanism, terminal stage of capitalism, essay - 102 pages - Éditions de la Reine Rouge, 2022.
The Lost Dimension #1, graphic novel - 28 pages - 2022
Histoire du Rapt, short comics - 16 pages - White Rabbit Prod, 2019
Psychic Candies, artbook - 32 pages - The Electric Fangs, 2018
La Fille-Miroir, graphic novel - 128 pages - autoproduction, 2016.
Hygiène Rose, Chapitre 1, graphic novel - autoproduction, 2014, reprinted in 2015.

Magazine director :

White Rabbit Dream Vol.4 / La Violence - 112 pages - 2021
White Rabbit Dream Vol.3 / La Peur - 96 pages - 2020
White Rabbit Dream Vol.2 / La Nostalgie - 28 pages - 2018
White Rabbit Dream Vol.1 / La Coupure - 48 pages - 2017

Participating to many reviews and collective exhibitions in France and worldwide.